| July/August 1976

blue steam

707 S. Ellsworth Avenue, Salem, Ohio 44460.

Last October on our way north, we were lucky to find Mr. Carl Campbell in Mansfield, Pa., and were invited to return the next weekend to the Gas-Up of the Old Stump Jumpers. We didn't really think we would be able to make it back but the weather being inclement elsewhere, we headed back for Mansfield. And were we ever glad we did! Around the turn in the road we saw blue steam and heard the familiar shoop-pon of engines...more and better engines that we had ever seen before. Engines doing about everything man could make them do...grinding corn and apples, shingle making, saw milling and model scaling.

Included were some of the best homemade pies, cakes, apple cider and fantastic bean soup they had cooked for hours in an iron kettle. But to top it all, there were some of the friendliest people we've met anywhere. Mr. Carl Campbell has preserved a cross-section of American machinery like we have never seen before, even at the largest county fair in Ohio. There were Frick tractors, a large cider press, saw mills, thresher's onion separators to name only a few. Mr. Campbell has also put together a small museum of household articles, gadgets, lamps, toys and small furniture.

The Gas-Ups are not held for profit or to benefit anyone. Their whole reason for getting together is just the thrill of people who appreciate fine working machinery and enjoy each other's company.

Scenes from the Gas-Up of the Old Stump Jumpers at Mansfield, Pa.