| March/April 1982

Secretary, 117 Jacksonville Circle, Pearlington, Mississippi 39572

Sunday morning, October 25, found me groping my way around the yard at 6:00 A.M. Finally I found a way to get my eyes open enough to hitch up my trailer loaded with my 6 HP Waterloo Boy. A glance at the sky filled with hurrying clouds told that the unthinkable would happen-rain.

The Bayou Old Time Engine and Power Association held its Fall Gas-Up Saturday and Sunday, October 24, 25,1981. The Association, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation of our past heritage, was founded in 1978 and has 53 members.

As dedicated engine lovers, we started down the highway hoping the rain would cease. The constant torrents turned to sporadic rain, and finally the clouds broke and the sun returned. Just outside the Pioneer Village Camp and Showground at Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, a trailer load of engines went the other way on MO. I had missed James Osborn, another member from Mississippi.

As we drove around the puddles we wondered if anyone would be there. Sure enough, there was Ralph Olmsted with his latest engine, a 10 HP IHC Mogul; Robert Mayeux had his Palmer marine engine with the strange shaped head and a 1874 hot air engine on loan from Southwestern Louisiana University. Louis DeVille had some small model engines that would arouse anyone's interest.

There were 23 members present with 42 engines to display. Ernest Felterman had his trailer loaded with his magnificent collection of marine engines. When Dick Gibbens ran the sugar cane mill everyone came to watch. The nameplate on James Enlow's 2? HP Alamo interested me. It reads sold by W. F. Taylor and Son, New Orleans, Louisiana.