The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association

| November/December 1994

3237 W. North view, Phoenix, Arizona 85051

The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, held its third annual show at the Sahuaro Ranch Park in conjunction with the Glendale Town Picnic.

Sahuaro Ranch was homesteaded by William H. Bartlett in the late 1800s. With the completion of the Arizona Canal in 1885, Bartlett developed his 616 acre homestead. The original adobe house was built in 1887 and is still standing. I know that in eastern states there are many older homes and buildings, but remember, we are a much younger state. A horse barn and a blacksmith shop was also built in 1887. In 1890 as many as 500 to 1,000 hogs were raised and shipped by rail to outside markets. A 100 acre olive orchard and a 20 acre orange grove were set out in 1890. In 1890 about 20 palms were planted and many of these can still be seen along the irrigation ditch by the Visitor Center. The fruit packing house was built during the summer of 1891 and was completed in time for the fall harvest of tons of figs.

The ranch contained 250 acres of orchards, an 80 acre vineyard and 270 acres of grain and alfalfa. Fruits grown were white Adriactic figs, Le Conte pears, Washington Navel oranges, peaches, apricots and olives.

In 1895 'a fine brick dwelling' was built for the superintendent and his wife and a foreman's house was built about that same time. A dairy barn was built in 1927, a milk house in 1932.

In 1977 the city of Glendale purchased 80 acres and started Sahuaro Ranch Park. Many of these original buildings are still standing, and some are restored and used today. Enough history!