The 8th Annual Massanutten Antique Tractor and Gasoline Engine Club, Inc. Show

Putt Putt-Chug Chug-PSST!

| May/June 1997

  • Engines and a fancier row

  • Engines and a fancier row

4050 S. Ox Road, Edinburg, Virginia 22824

It all started many, many years ago When our forefathers needed more than a hoe

To farm their lands and fields to sow They needed engines and a fancier row

Gasoline engines to ease the chore A new tractor, who could ask for more The age of machines had come at last Now today, a thing of the past

Our club is built on then and now We like to exhibit and show all how The engines today, we keep on running The antique tractors, they keep on humming.

We share our treasures with all we can A dedication to a long forgotten man We love our toys, to us they're great Come, we'll share, please do not hesitate