The 3rd Annual Freeland Valley Antique Power Show

| May/June 1995

  • 1930 model A Ford
    Bruce McConnell filling up his 1930 model A Ford in front of the old oil house now on the grounds of the Delmar Warne show field on July 30. The oil house was donated to the Club by the family of the late Ida Brill, and was moved on July 3.

  • 1930 model A Ford

88825 Claysville Road, Cambridge, Ohio 43725

Once again, there was a gigantic reunion of farmers, friends and antique lovers who got together to watch, operate, or to hear run antique farm tractors and machinery of the not too distant past. For many this opened up a floodgate of memories. For the young folks, a whole new awakening to the golden age of farm equipment was theirs to learn.

This reunion was the 3rd annual Freeland Valley Antique Power Show held on July 30 and 31, on the Delmar Warne show field, five miles east of Chandlersville, Ohio.

Weatherwise, it was a perfect weekend, except for the members of the Freeland Club, who had to cancel their tractor pulls on Friday evening after a cloudburst muddied the pulling field and made it right slippery.

There were quite a few folks who came from far and near to see the show and all the goings-on. Even the mayors of Cumberland and Toadtown were there.

New improvements to the show field included new playground equipment for the kids, and a new permanent stage constructed. The steel frame was donated by Central Ohio Coal Company, the floor by Paul Alexander.