| May/June 1978

  • Louis Miller sitting on his 17-30 cross motor Case
    Louis Miller, Georgetown, sitting on his 17-30 cross motor Case. This tractor was built in the early 1920s.
  • 20-40 Advance Rumely Oil Pull tractor
    Duncan Sea-right of Meridian, Texas, standing by his 20-40 Advance Rumely Oil Pull tractor.

  • Louis Miller sitting on his 17-30 cross motor Case
  • 20-40 Advance Rumely Oil Pull tractor

604 N. Lincoln, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

A bunch of Texans recently had a get-together on a hot summer day in July. They had all the fun and trouble that can be caused by misfiring engines, stopped-up fuel lines, dead magnetos and other things that cause engines to be ornery and contrary at the same time (a hex was suspected). They also had the enjoyment of watching well-restored gas engines and tractors perform as they did fifty years ago.

The occasion for this was the seventh annual Texas Antique and Early Day Farm Machinery Show. This show was held on the farm of Duncan Seawright at Meridian, Texas, on July 9th and 10th, 1977.

Attendance at the show was about 2,600 persons, including members, spectators and children who came to see many well-restored tractors and engines. There were about 60 gas engines, 41 tractors, a scale model of a 65 horsepower 1915 Case steam traction engine with a vertical boiler, threshing machine, and 2 stone burr grist mills in operation.

The weather was hot and dry. Although we had a thunder shower Saturday night, it did not interfere with the show except to cause the oats to be tough to thresh on Sunday. The engines pumped water, ground corn, generated electricity, puffed and chuffed and showed us that after 50 years they could still do their work.

Tractors threshed, plowed, pulled the fan to test their performance, and were driven by their owners and friends in a parade each day.