Texas Early Day Tractor And Engine Association 1992 Show

| September/October 1993

Gerry Hudgins

Gerry Hudgins' WD getting ready for a tractor pull.

807 Pine Georgetown, Texas 78626

Seven thousand people attended the show. Two hundred and fifty pounds of beans, one hundred batches of cornbread and one hundred and fifty gallons of homemade ice cream were sold.

Case tractors were featured, but all brands were there. We had two Case steam engines, a 20-40 Case gas tractor and a lot of Case row crop tractors; a 15-30 International chain drive; two 8-16 Mogul tractors; lots of Farmalls; lots of John Deeres and Allis Chalmers; Olivers; Averys; Fordsons and many more. I didn't count them but there must have been two hundred.

We threshed wheat and baled the straw with a mule pulling the baler. We shelled corn with an old IHC corn Sheller and we crushed some rocks and made some ropes in between events. We had an antique pull and this works good to keep things from getting stale. We had a big parade daily at one o'clock.