TETON ANTIQUE Steam & Gas Show

| May/June 1989

  • 1919 16-30 OilPull
    1919 16-30 OilPull, and 1938 Field Marshall belong to Bill Baughman. 22 Caterpillar is Bob Facklam's.
  • 1938 RC Case, Herb Tangen'
    1938 RC Case, Herb Tangen, Choteau, Montana.

  • 1919 16-30 OilPull
  • 1938 RC Case, Herb Tangen'

3208A 9th Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana 59401

The Teton Antique Steam and Gas Threshing Association held its 5th annual threshing bee and show at the Ove Larson farm northeast of Choteau, Montana, on September 10 and 11, 1988. Uncooperative weather held attendance down, but those present thoroughly enjoyed them selves and the activities which took place.

Both days began with a sourdough pancake breakfast hosted by members Gordon and Paula Larson and prepared and served by various members of the association.

Following breakfast, the show was on. A cold biting northwest wind and intermittent showers failed to dampen spirits in light of the extended drought which had plagued north central Montana this past year.

Association member Carl Mehmke of Great Falls, MT was present with two extremely rare tractors from his collection . One was his 1916 18-30 Square Turn, one of only two Square Turn tractors known to exist. The other was a 1917 10-20 Russell. Both units sported fresh paint jobs and putted briskly around the show grounds.

Bill Baughmann of Cut Bank, MT again brought three units to the show: a 1917 Waterloo Boy R, a 1919 16-30 Rumely Oil Pull, and his favorite, a 1938 one-cylinder diesel Field Mar shall. This unique tractor is started by firing a charge much like a shotgun shell. I had the opportunity to drive it at another show this year and can honestly say that it's a neat little unit.