| January/February 1986

Dick Burd of Canton, South Dakota spent some of this past summer attending steam shows around the country. Over this past Labor Day Week-end he was in Valley Center, Kansas attending Ternings annual steam show. Dick discovered a rather unique solution to the problem many shows have that being people parking in areas other than designated parking areas.

The MC for the entire show, Mr. Jim Thomas from Grafford, Texas, repeatedly asked for the owner of the vehicle to please remove it from the grounds and take it to the designated parking area. It seems the parade was about to begin and the car was in the way. Aaron Terning was to lead the parade with his restored Stuart M5 Al light tank (if you call 36,000 pounds light)!! Jim gave the command for the parade to begin and the pictures tell the rest of the story. Dough McQuitty from McLouth, Kansas was seen narrowly escaping the fatal blow. Someone was kind enough to give Doug a lift home after the show.

Aaron and his tank are for hire if any other shows have a similar problem to solve.

We have been assured by Tom and Lois Terning that their 14-year-old son Aaron war not being unduly aggressive with his tank the car you see was from the local salvage yard and was headed for the 'crusher' the next day anyway! Aaron owns and has restored several crawlers. To earn money for this restoration he restored several antique tractors and put in many long hours in the shop. Using his tanks, he has made several commercials for local car dealerships with the them 'we will blow away or crush the competition.'-ed.