| May/June 1969

Scene of actual threshing

Courtesy of Arthur Matthiesen, 15 East 10th St., Grafton, North Dakota 58237

Arthur Matthiesen

15 East 10th St. Grafton, North Kadota 58237

Two of my pictures are of my mini Hart-Parr tractor and Buffalo Pitts Thresher. These little machines are entirely hand built and the thresher is glass enclosed so you can see all the working parts. The thresher really threshes like the big original. The tractor runs on gasoline and moves on its own power. They are both built one quarter scale to the original tractor and thresher.

The pictures were taken at Saskatoon, Canada at the Western Development Museum. It was during their Pion-Era show in July, 1968.

This little miniature outfit has been shown many times at Rollag, Minnesota and has been on display in many places throughout the mid-west and Canada. It attracts a lot of attention and large crowds wherever it is shown. I have been invited to display it at many places throughout the United States and Canada.

It took over five years of my spare time to build this complete outfit and I enjoyed every minute of it. The tractor is a duplicate of a 1903 Hart-Parr 30-60. The thresher is a duplicate of a 1902 Buffalo Pitts 44-68, with a Maple Bay blower. The sound is just like the original.

Pictures were taken by a friend of mine, Ludvig Helland of Grafton, North Dakota.