Stonewall Antique Power Association

| October/November 1993

Machine used for wood saws

Rt.2, Box 27-A Concord, Virginia 24538

In 1991 the enthusiasm of Ernest Campbell for antique engines, tractors, and shows began to rub off on some of the local folks around Concord.

One of these was Lyle Moore. Ernest would go down to Stonewall to Lyle's shop and talk about the shows he had gone to and the things he had seen. Well, Lyle, Ronnie, Ernest, and Bill Layne and others went to some of the shows put on by other clubs, and needless to say, the 'fever' began to set in and the wheels started turning.

Why can't we do something like this in Concord? After contacting local farmers, businessmen, friends, and neighbors, a meeting was held on February 9, 1992 at Lyle's shop.

Purchased in 1911/12 by Wash Burley, Amherst, Va., from the Amherst Hardware Store, this machine originally was used for threshing wheat and later for wood saws and hammer mills. Except for about 12 years, it has been in the Burley family. The original price was $450.00 and original color was dark green. Current owner is Sam Burley.

The idea for an association and the event were well received by all present and immediately officers and directors were elected and a date of June 13 and 14, 1992 was set for our first event which we call 'The Stonewall Old Timer's Day.' With only four months to plan such an event, we were overjoyed with the community response. We received our Charter from the State Corporation Commission on May 11, 1992, so we were off and running.