| September/October 1966

June 26th goes down in my book as a first outstanding reunion for '66. It was an annual affair we call 'Stan's Sawmill Picnic' at his mill site near Shell Lake. The weather was ideal and so was the setting amidst tall timber and wild flowers. Stanley Peterson has done custom sawing for about 20 years and will make up orders for most any dimensions from his 80 acres of timber. During this entire period he has used two cylinder power and sees no reason to make a change.

Although his event was not advertised he had a capacity crowd. A largo group from 'Lakehead Reunion' from Duluth, Minn., were on hand. A goodly number of sawmill men came too, including John Nelson from Almena. I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Loveland from Monticello who hails from the 'Rock River Thresher Association' located near Edgerton. Neighbors dropped in to help out and join the annual 'openhouse'. I noted Helmer Peterson was offbearer and assisted by David Monroe. There is something facinating about the smoke from the 15-25 Oil Pull as it powered the sawmill. After giving it a good workout Stan then belted up his 10-20 Titan to the mill. It too made a good showing in the belt. It has always been Stanley's policy to saw lumber on accuracy basis, not how fast it can be done. The next move was to his planning mill neatly housed, and this time powered by his 6 hp Duplex Superior Gas engine #27282. This was a rather unusual and outstanding attraction.

Pictures taken at the picnic shows Stan belting up his Oil Pull, the Titan doing her stuff and the final one Stan has just started his 6 hp belted to the planer.

Plans in the future are to feature a Portable Wood-Tabor-Morse steam engine belted to his portable mill. Certainly those in attendance will want to come back again next year for another 'Sawmill Picnic'.

This is the Titan doing her stuff at Stan's Sawmill Picnic on June 26, 1966 at Shell Lake. Wisconsin.

This is Stanley Peterson belting up his Oil Pull at Stan's Sawmill Picnic on June 26, 1966 at Shell Lake, Wisconsin.