| November/December 1969

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

Engines popped and tractors chugged as rump-sprung Spark Plugs wrestled heavy fly-wheels and leaned on cranks to make 'em go.

It was the fourth annual Tri-State Antique Engine and Tractor Show, the largest throughout the midwest, drawing collectors, exhibitors and sight-seers all the way from Arizona to New York State.

'It's a much larger show than we had expected,' confided the Paul and Dorothy Smiths who'd come from 'way down east,' the Empire State, to attend.

Never before had the Jay County fairgrounds reverberated to such a din of internal-combustion contraptions all grinding, chuffing and banging sufficient to rattle the panels, upset the scales of Justice and ruffle the skirts of the solemn courthouse judiciary in Portland, Indiana, across the way.

And if that wasn't enough to wake up the entire Portlandite populace, then the daily parade of the steam calliope, headed by the powerful 'Joe Dear,' wending its ominous way through the main thoroughfares and environs of ye olde county seat would surely rouse the rest.