Southern Wayne County Farm Show

| July/August 1999

R. D. 2, Box l355 Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431

This year we will be entering into a new century and many new things are happening in southern Wayne County. During our long winter, two separate organizations have had a marriage: Southern Wayne Historic Association and Pocono Mountain Tractor and Antique Machinery Association have become one. All of us who have been collecting machinery cannot help but think about the history of these great machines. For the last few years, the Historic Association has taken part in our shows. Our mutual understanding led us to see that our goals were not that different and we saw how much help we could be to one another. Now, we will have a well-organized archive of not only historic places and people, but also records of our machinery club members and their historic past, as well as local artifacts, keeping alive the actual way it was here in our area. We also look to the future.

Friday night at our show is the open horse show which goes to promote our local 4-H. The show will also have two days of garden tractor pulling and Saturday night is set aside for antique farm tractor pulls. We have all the great things that make a show fun, from old tractors and engines to thrashing, draft horses, horse-drawn equipment, and flea markets.

Also, for those who like history, we have invited all the historic organizations from Wayne County to display in our main exhibit hall. Don't forget our chicken barbecue.

So, if you would like a walk into the past with a pinch of the future, come to the Southern Wayne Farm and Horse Show to be held July 23-25, 1999 at the Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, fairgrounds.