Southern TierAntique Gas and Steam Engine Association Show

| January/February 1992

Shingle mill

Ralph Loomis's shingle mill with the bags of sawdust being removed during the show.

Ralph Loomis'

Box 55 Nineveh, New York 13813

The 17th annual Southern Tier Antique Gas and Steam Engine Show was held on August 23, 24 and 25 at the village park in Maine, New York. It has gone down memory lane as the biggest and best. In its wake there was a touch of sadness. The club was formed six years before the first show, which puts the original members in another generation; they too are going down memory lane. They will never be forgotten, because they leave behind their beautiful nieces of restored antiquity.

Over the past 17 years the shows have had everything in them. Our members are very skilled when it comes to duplicating life on the farm in the last century. Most of our more than 300 members have more than one exhibit, so they bring one or two and leave the others home for next year. Our shows are all different.

We always have a good show because it is the second generation running it now. It is in good hands because those kids grew up in old iron. They are not new to the game. In fact, some in their early twenties were not even born when the club was formed.

One doesn't have to be crazy to belong to the club, but it does help. A little para-engine-oia makes the ideal club member. We must not feel bad when they call us iron nuts. They called Edison and other great inventors nuts too, but look what they did for the world. In this restoration of old iron we may not be famous inventors, but inventors we are. Sometimes it takes a lot of inventing to replace those missing parts.

It's only a matter of time before our environmental problems get the better of us and we won't have enough air to breathe. At that time, our engine clubs will come up with many of the answers to save energy. We just revert back in time before the automobiles and other polluters.