Southeast Kansas Old Time Gas Engine and Tractor Club show, 1997

| March/April 1998

325 Stone Parsons, Kansas 67357

The ninth annual Gas and Tractor Show started with a bang literally. As things were just getting underway, a thunderstorm moved through the show grounds with lightning and thunder. After the storm passed, the show started as if nothing had happened.

This year we had 133 gas engines, 10 model engines, 24 display tractors, two log saws, one motor scooter, and two motor bikes, all displayed to a good sized crowd of spectators.

One of the displays was the 'hot air balloon' belonging to Loren Erwin, Carthage, Missouri, along with his Johnson Motor Wheel bicycle. See story in the October, 1997 GEM.

A new event this year was a skillet toss for the ladies this is a distance event, and the winner was Nancy Harry with a toss of 45 feet 5 inches.

The slow race for tractors was won by Terry Hahn field and the fast start race for tractors was won by Jack Winter.