South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society Show Report

| May/June 1986

12718 Iowa St., Crown Point, Indiana 46307

During the summer of 1984 our town of Crown Point, which is the county seat, had its 150th birthday. Many activities were planned, and older farmers were asked to put on an Antique Farm Machinery Show.

I was pleased at the response from young people, who offered to help us. Only a few, however, knew what some of the equipment was or how to use it. We were delighted to explain this to them. One young man found it hard to believe that we had to walk 7 miles to plow one acre!

I explained that I was fortunate enough to own a reversible plow, and did not have to walk across the head land. A flip of the mold board, turn the team, and continue on my way. 40 acres was the most we normally plowed. This involved 280 miles of walking. The rest of our farm was oats, wheat and hay. Beans were unknown. What great progress it was when the two bottom gang plow came out! How many young people have seen a fiddlegrass seeder? Wheel barrow seeder? Does 8-16, 10-20, 18-36 & 22-36 mean anything? Those were McCormick Deering tractors. What an advancement!

The results of this Farm Show were the beginning of an annual event. Cities have their historical societies... and so do The South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society has been duly incorporated. It is gratifying to see the many young farmers who wish to become involved in the organization, it's a real progress show. Our objective is to preserve and restore as much antiquated farm machinery and equipment as possible. This also includes household goods and transportation items, such as wagons, buggies, cars, trucks, etc. We plan at least one display a year.

Our first annual show was held July 19, 20, & 21st. It was held at the Lake County Fairgrounds, in Crown Point, Indiana, where 80 acres of shaded woodland made a pleasant backdrop. Shelters and buildings housed the Art Shows and Crafts and the outdoor Flea Markets found a shady spot. Horse and buggy rides pleased the youngsters.