Smoke Ring

| May/June 1980

Smoke Rings

Well, Hi to all you wonderful folks! I' m going to go right to our letters for we have so many-

MIKE BERNAL, 677 Briarcliff Drive, San Jose, California 95123 says: 'First of all, I must say thank you to G.E.M. for running my ad for F-M parts in Jan-Feb. issue. I got tons of mail and want to thank all those who wrote. Now that I have all the parts, I would like to complete the restoration of my engine by painting it. The engine is a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse with Sumpter make and break ignition. The engine serial number is 271301. Can anyone tell me what colors the engine and accessories might be? Any help appreciated.'

You fellows with the information, get ready as HOWARD LIBBLE, Box 548, Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania 17522 writes: 'I would like information on the following engines: Early Model D or E, Whizzer bicycle engine kit, also the Johnson 2 cylinder, 2 cycle bicycle kit. And on the Cushman ? HP, 2 cycle, battery ignition, Model 2, type A, serial number 619.'

A new member to the gas collecting hobby is ALDRICH LARSON, Box 88, Saybrook, Illinois 61770 writes: 'Having just recently started collecting gas engines, I need a lot of help. A few months ago I picked up one that I believe is a Fairmont Railroad engine, 3?' piston, 2 cycle reversible, water-cooled. The cooling hopper is closed at the top except for a ?' hole in the bottom of the small funnel cast one piece with the hopper. I need to know the original size, shape and placement of the gas tank and what kind of a carburetor did it have? Is there any information or literature around that I can get describing these engines?'

JOHN BOEHM, 5140 Molakini Way, Fair Oaks, California 95620 recently acquired a Multnomah 2-cycle drag saw engine made by Multnomah Iron Works, Portland, Oregon. He would like any information or history about both the engine and the Multnomah Company.

One of our Gas Engine Family seeks help as BEN HARTMANN, 1247 Dunn Road, Florissant, Missouri 63031 writes: 'Recently, I acquired a Faultless gasoline engine with ignitor 1? HP. Someone told me they were made in Chicago, Illinois or Kansas City, Missouri. This is all the information I have been able to get about this engine. I thought maybe some of your readers might be able to help with identifying color, date, etc.