Smithsburg's 18th Annual Steam & Craft Show

| August/September 1993

23128 Foxville Road, Smithsburg, Maryland 21783

The 18th annual Steam and Craft Show at Smithsburg, Washington County, Maryland took place on the Fireman's grounds on September 26, 27, 1992. Some rain both Saturday and Sunday, but it cleared both days, allowing us to enjoy a great show.

Six steam engines of the turn of the century, the source of the show's name, always open the show each day with their chorus of whistles, and lead the parade. Saturday at 5:00 p.m., more than 150 pieces of equipment, tractors and tractors pulling machinery, paraded behind the steam machines and the high school band over eight blocks through the town for the pleasure of the parade watchers.

This was the year we featured the BIG RED of International Harvester and GRAY of McCormick Deering. Almost 50 models of IH tractors were on display, an awfully good showing, plus a McCormick Deering thresher, a corn husker, a wheat binder, and a host of other pieces too numerous to list.

Promoting the participation of IH owners for this event were Kenneth 'joe' Burrier, and his wife Reba. We exhibited our Super H Farmall which we purchased new in 1954 (below, left) and used on the farm until 1986. Now it is a part of our antique tractor collection. The 10-20 tractor (below, right) purchased in 1977 is another one of the sixteen antique McCormick Deerings and IH tractors in our collection.

Volunteers of the Smithsburg Athletic Boosters provided crab cakes, ham sandwiches, open-kettle-cooked bean soup, and our special Leopard Stew, a secret soup delicacy.