| July/August 1975

1050 Les Villa Lane, Manchester, Missouri 63011

The Illinois- Missouri Tractor & Engine Club had its first show, July 20 & 21, 1974 at St. Peters, Mo. This was our 6th show but the first show since our re-organization.

Friday evening was hot and dry as Clarence Sitton, Gene McAtee, Ray Hartge, Jim Washek, Bob Lyle and Ken Gronewald drove the posts for the safety fence around the exhibits. Chuck Rhoads had done a fine job of laying out the exhibitors space with chalk dust so the only part left was to drive the posts. This was made difficult due to the drought. Those who drove the posts agreed that the ground was harder than the posts! After the posts were driven, Ron Loos, Roy Grob, and Charles Humphrey strung the ropes and all was ready for Saturday's crowds.

Those who camped on the grounds were awakened by thunder, wind and rain, some 1-1/2 inches of it, which broke the drought that had been burning the Midwest since early June. No one complained, as all were glad for the moisture. The rain stopped by 10:30 and fair weather held forth for the balance of the week-end.

Carter Freeman organized demonstrations and scheduled them so all could see, a task made doubly difficult by lack of a sound system. Nevertheless, wood-sawing, corn grinding and rock crushing plus threshing and the other 'jobs' were done on time and as scheduled.

Eileen Kreutzberg, Chairman of Button Sales, was assisted by Virginia Loos, Helen Hartge, Rae Ann Hartge and Mrs. Shane. These gals worked hard and sold all the buttons by Sunday noon.