Sistersville Oil and Gas Festival 1994


| May/June 1995

  • 20 HP Half Breed South Penn
    20 HP Half Breed South Penn.

  • 20 HP Half Breed South Penn

Rt. 1 Middlebourne, West Virginia 26149

Again the Old Gas Engine Show at Sistersville, West Virginia, Oil and Gas Engine Festival was a big success. Thank goodness for the added space which relieved the cramped conditions, in spite of the record number (460) of engines displayed!

There are several people we need to thank for their help in putting on this fine show. Wib and Roxy Anderson, chairmen, and son Fred did an outstanding job working overtime placing the exhibitors as they arrived. Also Earl and Martha Braddock did their share in helping out as well. We have oil companies that sponsor this show, which has helped make this city and area what it is, that being a quiet little city rich in oil history. One can take but a short walk from the festival grounds and see three oil tycoons' mansions, and a short walk in the other direction will bring you downtown where the grand 'old' Wells Inn, still with its historic charm, caters to many festival visitors.

Being directly along the beautiful Ohio River, a short walk to the ferry will take you to Fly, Ohio, where there is a tasty little restaurant overlooking the river and festival. Enough wandering back to the show!

There were displays of many engines in every setting such as oil pumping rigs, fullsize and models, and several large oil field engines, some of which have sisters who are still at labor in the surrounding hills.

Thirteen states were represented in the display area. Many states were also represented by visitors, some looking for one of those old gas engines that's been retired in the oil field to 'take back home.'