| July/August 1975

Route 4, Morrison, Illinois 61270

The Antique Engine and Tractor Assn., Inc. held its annual show on July 13, 14, 1974 at the Ivan Wildemuth Farm where we have our show grounds. It was our luck to hit the two hot days of the year, but at least we were given a break from the everlasting showers that were so common to the spring and summer of 1974.

From the angle of attendance, this was the low year but the often expressed opinion heard in the crowd was that no one could be blamed for not leaving an air-conditioned house to endure heat like we had on our show days.

Due to our experience with the heat and the fact that July is a mighty busy time on an Illinois farm with corn and bean cultivation, mixed up with a bit of alfalfa hay now and then, the club has decided to change the show date to September 13, 14 for 1975. This will still conflict with some on dates, but we did not feel we should wait much later.

There was the usual number of around 200  at the show and about 30 tractors. The Frick steamer was ready to go, but due to a change in rules a deadline slipped by and we could not use it to thresh last year.

The stack of oat bundles was still in surprisingly good shape when we stop to consider the terrific amount of rain that fell on it and the mouse and rat damage was not so bad as previously.