| April/May 1987

613 8th Avenue Charles City, Iowa 50616

1986 was a good year for the Cedar Valley Engine Club Show, which was held over the Labor Day weekend.

The weather was perfect for all three days which provided us with a good crowd of spectators each day. We had three bid loads of oat bundles to thresh each day, which brings back lots of memories of the good old days. Those days were lots of hard work, but the good meals made us forget how hard we had to work. There were usually some young ladies for the young fellas to flirt with and try to make a date with to take to the County Fair or to a show in town and the ice cream parlor before you took her home.

There was lots of lumber sawed which people like to see in action. The shingle mill is always a good attraction as is the large gas engine display. The two hole corn sheller that is run with an 8 horsepower Waterloo Boy engine is another attraction that spectators seem to enjoy. There were rides given to young and old on gas tractors as well as the steam engines.

We had several people come in with their gas engines and tractors to show with us as they help make our show better-hope more will feel welcome to come and show with us too.

Our ladies do a good job of running the lunch stand-they really work hard to serve us some good lunches.