Show Memories

| March/April 1987

13 W. Plum St. Tipp City, Ohio 45371

Once again I had the opportunity to attend three threshing shows in Minnesota this year, and believe me, they were all fine shows and well worth attending. My son lives in Wyoming, Minnesota (a recent move from Minneapolis), so it makes a nice base to start from to visit the shows.

The first show we attended was LeSueur County Pioneer Power Association, and that was my first time at that show. The weather was a little breezy, a drizzling rain, and on the cool side-in fact, a jacket felt real good.

There were many displays of all types of equipment, and most all were in operation. There were many tractors of all types, but the 'Minneapolis line' seemed to fill more of the rows.

The main building, as I will call it, had many interesting items of days gone by-old time wares that were used in the pioneer kitchens, old farming tools (both horse drawn and hand operated), old dress clothes, and many other numerous items. The show grounds were beautiful, with many large trees, and gas engines running under them. In fact, with all the activity going on you didn't have time to notice the cool weather. After my son and I completed another round of taking in the sights, it was getting along toward evening and we decided that we should be getting along. But before we left, we paid a visit to the shingle mill, and here we picked up a couple of shingles. No, we didn't get them to patch a roof, but rather to find a place on the wall to remind us of a wonderful show we had been to.

As time was flying by, the following weekend was upon us, and it was time to head up to Rollag to take in the W.M.S.T.R. Only this time we made arrangements ahead of time in Fargo, North Dakota to make sure that we had a place to stay. With that out of the way, it was clear sailing to take in a show of 'the big ones.'