Sheppard Diesel Selected as'93 Pa. Farm Show Tractor

| December/January 1992

  • Farm Show Tractor

  • Farm Show Tractor

The Pennsylvania State Farm Show will offer limited edition collector models for the third consecutive year.

For toy farm tractor collectors, a 1/6 scale model of a Sheppard Diesel SD-3 has been approved. New patterns were made for the aluminum and-zinc castings and each tractor is individually serial numbered.

The R. H. Sheppard Company of Hanover made the real Sheppard tractors from 1949 through 1956. They also produced the toy tractor models in the early Fifties. Both the toy models and the real tractors are quite scarce today and are considered collectors items.

At the State Farm Show in 1950, toy Sheppard Diesel tractors were offered to the public at a cost of $2.00. They were cast aluminum and had solid rubber wheels. Their design inspired the Sheppard 1993 farm show model tractor.

Sheppard was founded in 1935 and manufactured the Kintzing wire cloth loom, floor polishers, and gasoline powered generator sets for farm use. One of their first major products was diesel engines built as power units for generators, pumps, and commercial applications.

In 1949 Sheppard produced the first diesel powered rubber tired tractor built in the U.S. They ranged from 1 to 4 cylinders and from 5 to 55 horsepower. Other 'firsts' for farm tractors included a torque converter, power steering and a 13 speed transmission.