Savannah Potato Fest '97

| February/March 1998

13163 Railroad Road Savannah, New York 13146

Our show was held October 4 and 5, 1997. It's now October 11, and I'm just starting to relax, sitting in my easy chair about 9:00 p.m., reminiscing about how well our show turned out, with a slight sigh of relief!!!

I opened up my Gas Engine Magazine and started reading. It's almost like a ritual whenever I get the new issue. Sometimes it seems like forever between magazines.

Well, let's get on with telling you about our show. We start the show out on Saturday morning with a tractor parade which begins at our town barn and runs through town about a mile to our festival grounds. Dawn King won Best of Show with her John Deere.

On the grounds we had about 60 displays, from gas engines to Harley Davidson motorcycles, antique cars and trucks. Mr. and Mrs. Powers were even kind enough to join in with their two draft horses and wagon.

We had live country bands both days. The pedal tractor pull was on Saturday, which everyone liked. Lots of raffles, cooking contest, and a Potato Queen Contest were held.