| March/April 1983

Box 43, Somonauk, 1L 60552

The 11th Annual Sandwich Early Day Engine Club, Inc. Antique Gas Engine, Tractor and Car Show was held Saturday and Sunday, June 26th and 27th, 1982 at the beautiful, shady Sandwich Fairgrounds, Sandwich, Illinois. We enjoyed a large turn-out for our second 2-day show, under the able management of our President, Verle Johnson. Our large Flea Market seems to try to out-do itself in size and quality each year. Our engine display was the best ever, with a lot of familiar faces and many new ones with many nicely restored engines. Our compliments to each and every one.

Our tractor display got off to an excellent start with a broad range of tractors from an original, rusty Avery that our new President, Dave Thompson, had just bought, to some very finely restored examples that would make the manufacturers very proud. Our large squirrel cage fans received a good work-out from many of the tractors.

Our Antique Tractor Pull, in front of the Grandstand on Saturday, was a success, with some highly sprited competition among the contestants. While our favorite tractors didn't always win, Bernard Parsley's sled always managed to get them all, sooner or later. Our Antique Car Show on Sunday had some very fine expertly restored old and rare models of antique and classic cars on display.

We had a very large display of Arts and Crafts with some exceptional exhibits that were very ably managed by Peg Thompson. We hope to continue to expand this very fine display. A special feature at this year's show was an exhibition by the Illinois Tom-a-hawk Throwers Association that was enjoyed by many. Now, if you want to split hairs, just see them! Several of our members tried their hand with the tom-a-hawk, and have vowed a heated contest for next year's show.

Of note was the wooden Ottawa Corn Sheller that decobbed several loads of corn during the show under the direction of owner Bill Mitchell, with the assistance of Dave Krafft and Scott Larsen. Scott also pulled our free ride wagon around the grounds with his 'H' John Deere. Also on hand was Ray Barnes' 'Whistler', a fine example of what to do with an antique Schramm side-shaft air compressor, a collection of exhaust and steam whistles, and a F-20 frame. Hard to believe the music that they can coax from it!