Safety Guidelines

| January/February 1988

  • Guidelines

  • Guidelines

In the November 1987 issue of GEM, we included an article on the safety guidelines followed by the Port Phillip Historical Society in Australia. In that article we requested our readers' contributions regarding show safety. This response was submitted by Ken Robison, 20531 Black Rd., Los Gatos, CA 95030.



A. Double rope stanchions separating engines from public by a minimum of four (4) feet. B. Fire extinguisher close at hand. C. Flammables stored at least six (6) feet away from engines in closed containers. D. NO RUNNING ENGINES SHALL BE LEFT UNATTENDED. E. Person attending engines must be in control at all times. F. At least three (3) feet clear space between individual engines. G. No consumption of any alcoholic beverage while inside any roped-off display area or while operating any equipment.


A. Clutter-free exhibit space. B. Exhaust directed up or away from viewing public. C. Watchful eyes - constant awareness. D. No belts in line with viewing area. E. FIRST AID KIT.