Running An Engine Show

| August/September 1988

303 Fisher Road Fitchburg, Mass., 01420

What makes a top-notch engine show? ONE-every engine is in A-1 condition, running and used to do a job. TWO-every exhibitor camps in a very small tent trailer beside his exhibit. THREE-if you don't produce at least ten engines you should not be allowed to exhibit at a top-notch show.

Certainly none of these three statements is correct!

A top-grade show is one with a large number of exhibitors with a large array of engines, machines and related equipment. After all, what does anyone go to an engine show for but to show off their engines and to look at other people's engines?

How do you create a top-notch show? First, you actively recruit exhibitors. You use flyers, direct mailing, advertisements in national magazines, direct verbal invitations and, hopefully, a big ad in the national show directory. Most clubs do all that.

Secondly, you supply them with a good exhibit area with adequate toilets and adequate water, including drinking water.