Rumely Expo '93: A New Tradition!

| June/July 1993

Rt 2,12109 Mennonite Church Road Tremont, Illinois 61568

1993 promises to be a banner year for fans of the Rumely and Advance-Rumely lines. Rumely collectors from around the world will congregate in Rushville, Indiana for the first annual Rumely Collector's Expo. The 1993 host show will be the Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana in Rushville, Indiana. The show will be held on August 6, 7 &. 8 at the Rush County Conservation Club, one mile east of Rushville on Highway 44.

The Pioneer Engineer's Club always has a good turnout of Oil Pulls but the goal this year is to bring together the largest gathering of Oil Pulls since the Advance-Rumely tractor plant closed its doors! Steam engines from M. Rumely and Advance-Rumely will also be featured, along with Rumely machinery. Owners of Oil Pulls, Gas Pulls, Ideal Pulls, steam engines, threshers, implements, as well as machines from related companies such as Aultman-Taylor and Gaar-Scott, are urged to bring them in to swell the ranks and make this the best gathering of Rumely ever assembled.

A large tent will be available for displays of memorabilia, where collectors can meet, swap, sell and reminisce. Folks with Rumely literature, signs, historical materials, photos and the like, are urged to add them to the display cases.

Rushville is located southeast of Indianapolis. The trip will dovetail nicely into a family vacation! Motel accommodations are nearby and limited camping is available at the show. More detailed information is carried in the Expo host publication, Rumely Collector's News. Copies of the current issue, as well as official Expo Oil Pull T-shirts, may be purchased by writing Rumely Collector's News, c/o Scott Thompson, at the above address, or call me at 309-925-3932.

If you plan to bring machines or displays, please write Ron Miller, 12433 U.S. 6, Geneseo, Illinois 61254, or call 309-944-3156, so we will be able to reserve your space in the Rumely display area. For information on the Pioneer Engineer's Club of Indiana, call Dan Spalding, 5241 S. Columbus Rd., Shelbyville, Indiana 46716 or call 317-729-5283.