Rules For Attending A Show

| January/February 2001

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I was inspired to write these rules for attending a show after experiencing a little unpleasantness at several shows through the years, including our own.

They are not aimed at any particular person; they were done all in fun. I read them at our last club meeting and our members seemed to enjoy them. (I heard that October is National Sarcasm Month!)

How to attend an engine show (as a spectator, exhibitor or member)

1.  As a spectator, complain at the gate about the cost of admission even go on to list all the other activities that you could enjoy for a whole day at $3.00.

2.  Go to the show with a 'chip' on your shoulder; be determined not to like any part of it, even if you've just won the lottery!

3.  Don't be friendly, smile or look happy. Someone might tell you about their engines/toys and they might have more or better ones than you.

4. Don't listen to anyone if they don't think like you do, no matter how kindly they tell you something. If you feel the need to complain about something, no matter how great or small, remember to always wait to do it when there's a crowd around. People putting on the show are never short-tempered.

5.  During the show always go to the same worker, if you need something. They are not busy and certainly haven't had anything to do for the past two weeks but get ready for the show.

6.  If you're a club member, don't attend meetings, they're just long and boring. There are so many other things you could be doing!

7.  Don't volunteer for any duties or responsibilities before or during the show two or three people can handle everything.

8.  Steal as many show signs from along the highway as possible without getting caught. They don't cost you anything and are great recycled for room decoration, target practice, yard sale signs, etc.

9.  If someone in authority tells you not to park, camp or set up at a particular spot, really rant, rave, pitch a fit and threaten to take your 'goodies' and go home. After all, you are a guest and have probably been coming to this show and doing things the same way for the last 20-some years. After all, they are just putting on the show, what do they know?

10.  Please help yourself to as many rolls of paper towels and toilet paper as you might need. The club will replenish the supply and you won't have to use your own. What a savings!


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