From The Nursery

| October/November 1994

  • Roto Hoe

  • Roto Hoe

26 Pineview Drive, Henrico, North Carolina 27842

Last year I heard about a nursery that was going out of business in my little part of North Carolina. So I decided to go and look. Well, he was selling everything. I walked around the outer boundary of his property and discovered that whenever he quit using any machinery he just pushed it into the woods!

While looking everything over, I found this Roto Hoe in a brush pile covered with leaves, pine straw and limbs. I pulled it out and found just about everything was there.

This is the finished product, Model #148H, Serial #2626 Roto Hoe.

After sandblasting, priming and painting, the body came out nice. The motor was in fairly good shape. It is a Lawson, Model RSH765, Serial 5123236 and it runs very good now.

It would help me very much to know what years these machines were built.

7/22/2016 2:39:07 PM

i have this tiller it is a 1952 and need some parts the tims and the hole front end parts. do you have parts for sale if so let me know thanks. this is what my dad had when we were kids.

12/29/2010 4:14:09 PM

Hey just found a roto-hoe model 148h ser# 76847 . Would like to know the year and if someone would buy it.Just got it running and looks great, can provide picture if needed. THANKS;HOSS