| December/January 1986

8 HP Hvid Patent Thermoil engine

A relatively new show on the West Coast has been held for four years at the Mendocino County Museum, in Mendocino, California. In the words of Chris Baldo, president, 'the group is small, friendly and energetic.'

This year's show was held July 4-6 at the museum at 400 East Commercial Street, in Willits, California, as part of the Willits Frontier Days exhibit. Pictured here is an 8 HP Hvid Patent Thermoil engine with Jim Yokum, operator. 'We owe our restoration of the Thermoil to an article in GEM,' writes Baldo. 'We contacted the authors who were able to help us obtain blue prints to build the injector, our original was missing. Maybe we can be of help to somebody.