| March/April 1971

Ball Rd., Marion, New York 14505

'It was our hottest show yet.' This can be taken two ways, although it's best applied to Sunday's weather when the temperature reached 112 degrees according to some campers who had stayed the weekend. We all hoped the rain would hold off, but this?

It was our hottest show in numbers of exhibitors. There were no spaces along the roadway and the area beyond was also filled. We had 221 running engines, 35 tractors, 51 pieces of allied equipment, 65 assorted models, 52 antiques, 4 trucks, 4 steamers, and several antique cars.

As I surveyed the many exhibits, I could not help but be impressed with the superior quality of workmanship that went into this year's equipment. These exhibitors have a right to be proud of their work.

Upon entering the front gate, the first thing that struck me was Dave Shearns' Oil Pulls. He has all the sizes of the solid flywheel type. They were standing side by side in stair step formation. Dave has worked hard on these tractors and it shows.

Next to the pond, Howard Sheer had his usual informative and unique display. This year he had his S. W. Wood port able steamer, a Rider Ericson Hot Air pumping engine and other pieces on display. Howard uses printed information on his exhibit. This is a worthwhile effort that more of us should do. The public would be more interested in these exhibits if they knew some of the finer points and it saves verbal explanation to the curious.