Report of California Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association

| May/June 1975

1974 Spring Show

Photo by Jim Hickey.

Jim Hickey

2734 Chaffee Street, National City, California 92050

With some apologies in the field of old and slow, we come to you once again with a report of the health and welfare of the California Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association. With a forward look and a backward glance, let us launch some discussion of the doings hereabout.

I suppose one way to approach this is in reverse, working backward from the very satisfying potluck dinner meeting held in Long Beach, California this past January 25th. Oh! the goodies - the pies, the cakes, the puddings - the Calories!! Ah, yes, some substantial proteins were present and apparent to be sampled also; and just over a hundred hungry souls appeared to partake and enjoy the repast and fellowship.

The business meeting in the afternoon was straightforward and forthright, moving easily from one necessary matter to another. An increase of membership was noted by Director Paul Freiling, who counted some 503 as of that day. Al Carroll noted in his treasurer's report that the club is quite healthy financially, albeit an unreconciled bank balance of some 39c. President Cliff Helwig and Vice President Wes Hamilton told of progress, even at that moment, for a future permanent home and show ground for the club. (Director Bill May missed the meeting while negotiating for the necessary acreage.)

With thoughts projected toward the future, we learned from Director Claar Tietsort that plans are nearly complete for a show at the International Date Festival at Indio, California February 15-23. Also in planning stage is the Orange Show at San Bernardino March 13-23 the Tropico Mine Show at Rosamond the 1st and 2nd of March and, later on, our annual Spring Show (6th) in mid-June. The Hemet Agricultural Fair and the Antelope Valley Fair in the fall, Mule Skinner Days (to be held the 4th of July) at Bishop, California are also possibilities this year. There is also some speculation of a Threshing Bee at Yucaipa when the barley is ripe.

New officers for the coming year were elected and include West Hamilton, President, Cliff Helwig, Treasurer, Helen Tietsort, Director Ladies Projects (a new office), and a slate of other directors to help conduct the clubs affairs.