Reidsville Antique Engine Association Show

| May/June 1997

  • The club's showgrounds

  • The club's showgrounds

1594 Wolf Island Road Reidsville, North Carolina 27320

The Antique Engine Association of Reidsville, North Carolina, held its annual show April 27-28,1996 at the club's showgrounds on Highway 158 East.

Over 200 exhibitors were in attendance to exhibit their fine engine and tractor displays. Since the Reidsville Show is one of the first shows in the area, all of the displays are freshly painted, and are missing some of the 'show scratches' that are acquired during a busy season.

The show featured a working saw mill, shingle mill, wood saw, wood splitting, corn mill, and a 1940, 120 HP Fairbanks-Morse engine. All the attractions are operated by the eighty-plus members every hour during the show. The Kiddie Train was a big success with the children that were at the show.

A large selection of tractors, dozers, and 'big boy toys' made up the midday Parade of Power.

Early exhibitors who came in on Friday were treated to a pinto bean and cornbread lunch, and a fish-fry supper complete with entertainment.