| August/September 1993

  • 50 HP Fairbanks Engine
    George Archer's 50 HP Fairbanks. Check those trucks!

  • 50 HP Fairbanks Engine

130 Serpentine Drive, Bayville, New Jersey 08721

To a beautiful and historic country setting add:  Sunshine, Cool October air, People in colonial attire, About 150 gas engines, Several tractors and implements, Antique autos, Numerous working displays, Good food and plenty of it. Let this mixture stand for about eight hours. Garnish with smiles and friendly conversation. Serves 30-40,000.

That, in a nutshell, describes the Batsto Country Living Fair of 1992, but it does not do justice to the efforts of the many people who worked so hard to make it happen.

Permit me to right that by mentioning just a few: First of all we wish to thank the employees of Historic Batsto Village and State Park for undertaking one of the most successful fall events in New Jersey, and a 'must see' for anyone traveling or living in the Mid-Atlantic region. Special thanks goes to Tom Ackerman; his efforts always insure that the machinery display area is well set up and runs safely and smoothly. No doubt, pound for pound, one of the biggest contributions is George Archer's 50 HP Fairbanks-Morse. Just watching this giant engine being loaded and unloaded from his trailer is fascinating.

The Pinelands Antique Engine Association was privileged once again to gather with fellow collectors from all over the state. We hope that you will join us for the 1993 show on Sunday, October 17th. For more information contact me at 908-269-6580.