South Lake County Agricultural Historical Society

| May/June 1993

515 Northgate Dr. Dyer, Indiana 46311

On the third weekend of July, 1992 a year's hard work and effort materialized at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana. Allis Chalmers tractors and machinery were highlighted, drawing in exhibitors that filled the feature tractor pavilion and the surrounding hillside. A model U, a model H crawler, two variations of road graders, Bs, Cs, WCs, WDs, Gs, sickles, plows, cultivators, balers, and a towable combine provided a fairly diverse look at the Allis Chalmers answer to every farmer's needs. Two Rumely Sixes and two Rumely Oil Pulls (one a full size, one a homebuilt scaled down version) were four distinguished examples of the company that eventually became Allis Chalmers.

Toy tractors, dealer literature, an A-C riding mower, pedal tractors, and company memorabilia added greatly to our feature display pavilion. Some of these exhibitors came from quite a distance. For this devotion to our hobby we must say with all sincerity, 'Thank you very much!'

Other manufacturer's tractors were also well represented. International Harvesters formed a very impressive line, down along a walkway by the arena. A cluster of Massey Harris anchored the eastern end of the tractor display area. The balance of the field was sprinkled with John Deere, Ford, Case, Co-Op, Minneapolis Moline, Avery, Baker, Oliver, and Fordson displayed randomly. Three full size steamers and two scaled miniatures puffed away over near our sawmill. Throughout the weekend these steamers powered up quite an array of working demonstrations.

We are fortunate to have an old covered bridge in a grove of natural oaks and maples to use as the setting for the working displays of our show. A sawmill, drag saw, and shingle mill impressively transform logs into rough cut lumber and shingles. There is nothing that sounds sweeter than hearing one of these steamers (Case 50, Minneapolis, Keck Gonnerman) start to really work as a log is being fed into the blade on the mill. Threshing, corn shelling, corn chopping, and hay baling alternate throughout each day, along with the mill demonstrations so that our visitors always have something to see.

Located on a hill between the tractors and the threshing area are the antique engine exhibitors. This is one aspect of our show that is expanding on a yearly basis. Each year brings a few new faces and more returning old friends. Briggs, John Deeres, Fairbanks Morse, Ideal, Cushman, Me Cormick Deering, Root and Van Devoort, Stover, Associated, Olds, Hercules, Sandwich, Sattley, Oshkosh, and Wisconsin are a few of the engines that were present. Many of these engines are shown powering fans, grinders, pumps, compressors, churns, lawnmowers, etc. enlightening our guests about how these power plants once served in rural America. Exhibitors with highly detailed operating model engines are becoming increasingly more common in this area.