Promises from Pottsville

| June/July 1990

  • Sen. 'Debbs' Potts
    Sen. 'Debbs' Potts
  • Pottsville from the new barn
    Pine-studded view of 'Pottsville' from the new barn.
  • Munktell's from Sweden
    Gary Peterson's Munktell's from Sweden.

  • Sen. 'Debbs' Potts
  • Pottsville from the new barn
  • Munktell's from Sweden

250 Robinson Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

At least everyone now knows where Pottsville is (south Oregon), and what it is (100 pine-studded acres with huge new museum buildings mixed among the old-time pioneer village). Last year, members of EDGE&TA Branch 9 promised to put on a great 1989 National Show, and it far exceeded expectations! The rare engines, as promised were on display. The genial hospitality can be attested to, as the ladies couldn't help liking the lovable Senator 'Debbs' Potts, and all the fellows were given the grand treatment too. The weather, as promised, turned out to be the perfect Oregon climate, not too hot, not too cold, lots of sunshine, with just a whisper of a wind whistling among the pines. The total show contained such a wide variety of things to do and see that it took almost all of both Saturday and Sunday (Father's Day weekend) to get around to seeing everything.

And while this year's (1990) fifth annual show at Pottsville may not be as huge as last year's National, it promises to again be a super show and everyone is welcome. Dedicated to putting on another outstanding show is Al Foote, the 1990 president of Branch 9. Those who wish an informational packet can write to Al at 6210 Castle Terrace, Central Point, Oregon 97502.

With last year being the Centennial Year of the Tractor, Pottsville had more tractors attending than ever before, with some being trailered in from as far away as Colorado. One unusual McCormick-Deering Rowcrop had been converted to a wide front axle using a Fordson front end! Speaking of Fordsons, at least one of the thirteen major tractor clubs was represented by the Fordson Tractor Club, which had a wide variety of Fordson memorabilia which attracted a lot of visitors.

Comment after comment was heard on the rare and unusual engines, and it was agreed that perhaps the greatest number of these were gathered at one site than had ever been seen on the West Coast. Host Branch 9 members displayed, among others: the 5 HP 2 cycle Temple with upside-down inverted pistons of Rusty Brizendine; Mel Graham's 7 HP twin piston Ottawa; Al Foote's early 1920's 10 HP Star vertical, weighing in at 2,300 pounds; Bill Wallner's Hvid thermal diesel 'family'; a 10 HP Otto sideshaft; and a 1900 Sparta Economy.

Meanwhile, members and visitors from other clubs across the country were running their engines, including: an 8 HP Foos owned by Don Monroe of Yakima, WA; 1891 Regan Vapor Gas engine, the first internal combustion engine built in the U.S., owned by Bill Santos, Newcastle, CA; 1912 British-built Watts Brothers owned by Dick Wiley, Arroyo Grande, CA; and a Union gas engine owned by Anton Affenstranger of California.


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