Pottsville '91

| July/August 1992

  • Pottsville Show
    Even the little ones get into the act

  • Pottsville Show

250 Robinson Road ,Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

Last year's 1991 show at Pottsville in south Oregon on the usual Father's Day weekend attracted an ever-growing crowd. Not only were new engines and tractors added, but the drilling rig obtained in Nevada was finished and put in operation. One interesting exhibit featured 'Mrs. Maytag', an animated 'lady' powered by a small engine washing clothes on a scrub-board with all the proper movements. Looked real! This year for 1992 the windmill will be in operation pumping water, and maybe next year the sawmill may be in operation.

Branch 9 members are always surprising their fellow cohorts by restoring something unusual over the winter months to show at the annual show. You're always invited to attend this Father's Day weekend show and join us for some great times among the Southern Oregon pines.