| May/June 1977

Magnetizing flywheels and rotors


Scheble Lumber Company trucks, displaying fresh cut logs, loaded on 'Federal' trucks, with hard rubber tires at Wenatchee, Washington Apple Blossom Festival, Spring of 1925.

I'm wondering if anyone remembers any of these pictures - they must be from around Cando, North Dakota. Please write me if you do!

Youth is vital to any show and is evident in the expression of Melissa Rittenhouse cranking her Allis Chalmers in anticipation while Pam Nolan in the background appears doubtful of the outcome-but look at the other picture-the look on Melissa's face leaves no doubt that her cranking has been successful and she is now ready to take Pam a ride around the grounds. This was at the 28th Annual Central States Threshermen's Reunion and Horse Show in 1976.

Pictured is a simulated race between a 5 HP Ottawa log saw, more than 50 years old, and some 200 pounds with a modern three-pound chain saw. Needless to say, the chain saw in actual operation cut three times as fast and efficient as the Ottawa.

No description with this picture, but it looks like Wayne has several pretty nice engines, perhaps you can identify them for your own satisfaction.