| September/October 1978

Dick Wimer's Oliver-Hart Parr

Vice-president, R. D. #1, Box 149A, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117

Dick Wimer's Oliver-Hart Parr tractor. A rather rare make in our area and a very nice item with Dick's fine paint work and finish.

Bill Henry's 'Buffalo' drilling engine. It is a 4 cylinder unit built in Buffalo, New York - equipped with an oil pressure cut-off on the governor, 3 way carburetor for gas, fuel or natural gas and a Bosch magneto.

These units both home-built and commercial were rather common in the oil fields after large car engines became available at competitive prices. This one has a large bearing block then a reversing differential clutch, a reduction gear and then a pulley and a twister of some kind on the outer end. Note the notches in the flywheel by which it was cranked with a crowbar.

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Steam Engine and Old Equipment Association held their annual show for 1977 at the show grounds in Portersville, Pennsylvania in August. Again, several new improvements were in evidence on the grounds for this, the third show at the club's own park.

For the first time the show was expanded to four days, Thursday through Sunday. The fourth day was an effort to escape bad weather which had disrupted much of the '76 show' activities, and sure enough the rains rolled in on Saturday and Sunday and caused lots of mud, especially in the parking lot at the north end of the grounds. We seemed to have learned a lesson that other shows might be interested in and would be very interested in comparing notes with any other groups having similar experience. Two of the improvements were a greatly expanded eating shelter attached to the cookhouse and a barn with attached shed for the housing and display of animals. These along with the picnic shelters, main display barn and sales stand with its awnings greatly expanded our ability to shelter people from the showers which were on and off Saturday afternoon. Our helpers all remarked afterwards that every shower brought a rush of business. This was obviously good for the business ledger and it also held the crowd by giving them something to do till the rain stopped and they could move out to other displays. Perhaps with sustained rain the effect would have been different, but with intermittent showers we met a surprising degree of success.