Port Hops, Michigan

Port Hops, Michigan

| February/March 1989

Shingle mill

Shingle mill restored by Harold Husted; owned by Twenty Lakes Club of Mich.

5295 East Kinde Port Hope, Michigan 48468

What was only an idea in the minds of four men two years ago has become a reality for the second year in a row as Port Hope, Michigan became the site of the 2nd Annual Antique Equipment Show. Roy Reinke, Marv Koglin, Fred Hasen, and Wayne Lenton began planning in January of 1988 for the 4th of July Show. July 2-3-4, 1988 saw approximately 2500 people view an antique equipment show consisting of over 150 exhibitors with approximately 125 tractors and over 300 gas engines.

The featured item of the show was a 1903 Waterous gas horse drawn fire engine which was used in Kinde, Michigan through the mid-1930's and was almost sold for scrap. The fire engine was purchased by R. B. Hunter of Port Hope during its last hour before going for scrap and has been owned by the Hunter family ever since. The fire engine has an 8' bore x 8' stroke vertical engine and a gear fire pump and is still in operating condition.

Other features throughout the weekend included a shingle mill owned by the Twenty Lakes Club of Michigan and restored by Harold Husted of Harrison, Michigan. Shingles were made and then, using an old homemade forge and a homemade branding iron, were stamped with Port Hope, 1988. Grain was threshed by a homemade threshing machine owned and built by Wayne Lenton of Ubly, Michigan. Also featured were four steam engines. A sawmill, owned by John Bukoski of Ubly, Michigan, was in operation.

Along with the antique equipment on display were 60 flea market exhibitors. A tractor pull was held on Saturday afternoon, along with a fashion show featuring clothes from 1880's through the present day.

Port Hope's 3rd Annual Equipment Show will be held on July 1-2-3, 1989. This show will be featuring Minneapolis-Moline equipment. The Prairie Gold Rush Club, a national group of Minneapolis-Moline collectors, will hold their annual meeting at the Port Hope 4th of July celebration. This group will have several rare Minneapolis-Moline exhibits on display.