Pioneer Museum Show

| January/February 1996

5801 E. 5th Street, Tucson, Arizona 85711

The engine and tractor show the Salt River Valley Antique Power Association put on March 4th of 1995, at the Pioneer Village just north of Phoenix city limits, was a very pleasant and interesting get together of old iron collectors, though we were not all old, the iron was.

The weather was wonderfully cool, but sunny, which also made it pleasant. In the center of the village is a grassed-in square with lots of shade trees. The village is made up of various typical businesses of bygone days. There is a Victorian house containing the various furnishings of the period, with a host dressed to fit the occasion. Then there's the Print Shop (yours truly got a neat recipe for sour milk biscuits that the shop had printed up and am sharing it with all of you, see below). The dress shop the lady there makes clothes of the period for sale and has clothes from before the Civil War period on display. She uses two different old treadle sewing machines to sew on.

Then there is the blacksmith shop, built to scale of a real one and all in working order with a real smithy, the big overhead bellows, the walls are covered with the old tools of the period. There is a sleigh, buggies, etc. in there, also a fine display of model old tools of yesteryear.

A brick bank building was moved there with all the interior furnishings, such as the heavy walk-in vault with its huge steel door, teller's cage, machines, even the tile flooring and wall and ceiling coverings. I'd say it's turn of the century or earlier. The sheriffs office is a repro, though it had many authentic furnishings in it. There is even a live sheriff and what appears to be a dead guy in one of the cells, cause dust is settled on him!

A two story brick opera house is about a block away with an old organ that looks playable, and next to it is the gift shop with some antiques and some very nice gifts for sale. The restaurant has an adjoining old-time bar next to it.