Photos of an Estate Auction

| July/August 1996

Miscellaneous machinery

Miscellaneous machinery.

'Airborne' Powell 129 East 13th, Junction City, Kansas 66441

These are photos taken in 1958 in South Mound, Kansas. They were taken by myself and my dad, Virgil Powell, one day prior to the auction of the estate of a gentleman recluse.

There were two brothers and one sister and when the last of the brothers died, the bank held a sale. This man was in his later years, and a hermit to the max! No one had any idea of the items that he had. In his younger life he had been an engineer for the city of Parson, Kansas.

I had no interest in antiques, being a young man ready to enter the 10th grade. The auctioneer was astounded at the number of items they found and hired Dad to photograph everything. The main item of the sale was a 1907 Winton automobile The story we're told is that one brother bought it new in Saint Louis at the World's Fair, had it shipped by rail to Parson, Kansas, drove it to South Mound, Kansas. The two brothers got in a fight about the car. It was parked in the shed and never driven again.

This is the first time I have written about the sale and hope you readers will enjoy it and the pictures.