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Christmas D

| December/January 1989

Christmas lighted D

This Christmas lighted D was a joint venture of brothers Rick and Jim Mayberry. As they were passing through the area of Geneva, NE, around Christmas of 1987, they saw a lighted F-12 and were so impressed with it that they decided to try doing it themselv

Oscar Cooke

This is a 1935 model D John Deere jointly owned by the Mayberry brothers, who are from Enid, OK. The tractor was traded for by their dad Buddie in 1960. Buddie used this tractor for various jobs until 1967 when the tractor was left to sit idle. Between being busted up from the freezing of water left in the cooling system to bullet holes from target practice, the old D was getting in bad shape.

In 1980 the brothers took pity on the poor old D and proceeded to get it going again. Repairs were made, steel wheels were installed and it was painted. The tractor is once again alive and well and has another lease on life.

Everything Old Is New Again

My Favorite Engine