Partee's Vintage Iron

| October/November 1994

Members of Partee's Vintage Iron

13655 Canandaigua Road Hudson, Michigan 49247

Well, here's another story of how the engine bug bites hard. You start with one engine, next thing you know you've got 22. Of course, every engine nut knows that some of them don't come easy. You know how sometimes you get that one engine that's on the work bench for months, then there's that one you got going in a week. But with a lot of hard work and a few choice words, it makes it all worthwhile when the final coat of paint is on and the engine makes its first bark.

Some of the engines were found close to home, others a long day's ride there and back. And of course when you've returned home with your treasure you're all excited about your find, then your wife comes out and says, 'It looks just like the last one you brought home.'

When you reach this point it takes a couple of trailers to get your babies to the show. It sure helps when Dad offers to buy the trailers.

We enjoy all the shows and wonderful people that attend. What really makes this hobby fun is that the whole family has the engine bug. All this fun and hard work is greatly enjoyed by my dad, brother and son.

We'd like to say a 'special thanks' to a special engine nut, our best friend, our Dad. Without his help, the Partee's Vintage Iron engine display would not have been possible.