| May/June 1984

  • Economy engine
    Casey Samborski give his Economy engine a little drink.

  • Economy engine

The Early Engine Club, Inc.35850 Booth Street Westland, Michigan 48135

The second weekend of August, 1983, the Early Engine Club held its first annual 'Pageant of Power' antique engine and machinery show at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.

This marked a departure from other shows that the Early Engine Club of Greenfield Village has had. Previously, we had smaller shows of only members' machinery. In 1983, Mr. Harold Skramstad, the president of The Edison Institute, which runs the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, gave us the 'go ahead' for a public show, and the 'Pageant of Power' was the result.

Everyone agreed that the show was a success, especially since it was our first. We were fortunate to host another club and 75 other exhibitors featuring tractors, steamboats, engines and machinery. We even had some exhibitors from as far away as Pennsylvania. Fortunately, the weather was warm and sunny the entire weekend, and we made a favorable impression on the Friends of Greenfield Village during a special tour arranged for them late Saturday evening.