Over Forty Years to Show Time

| March/April 2000

IHC LA 3-5 HP, Massey Harris model R20'

The IHC LA 3-5 HP, the 1916 Chapman 1 HP type B, and Massey Harris model R20, 3 HP, back home from the shows.

208 Mediterranean Ave., Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada N9V 3X9

Being born in 1933, I can well remember the last of the depression and the war years. We lived on the farm and my father worked the land with a would-be team consisting of a mule with two-speeds (slow and stop) and a half loco mare that would run off the end of a cliff if you didn't stop her.

One day, when I was age five, I saw the mule on a 30 foot tether eating grass. Nearby was an old hand saw that one of my brothers had abandoned. I thought if I cut him in half, we'd have two mules. I barely touched him on the back when suddenly he reeled around and gave me both hooves. I realized then one mule was plenty enough!

Well, getting back to the story, after the war my father got a new B. F. Avery and sold the team, and along in 1952 we moved to the city but I kept the two old horse collars for keepsakes.

In 1957 my brother found an old engine with other junk he bought from a farmer. I bought the engine from him for $15. It had only a serial number for identification. There was no way to find out what it was, as engine shows were unheard of till Steamera in Milton, Ontario, started in 1961. I took it to a self-made mechanic who put a coil, condenser and battery into it and got it running. Wow, what a thrill!

It looked like it had been painted black, so I repainted it black with gold trim.