One More Day of Grain Threshing

| September/October 1998

  • Oliver Hart Parr & Greyhound grain separator
    'Junior' Kuhl at the W. A. Kuhl farm in 1937. Oliver Hart Parr 28-x44, Greyhound grain separator 28x50.

  • Oliver Hart Parr & Greyhound grain separator

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As time goes by, my mind wanders back to the old threshing days.

Between 1932 and 1940, my dad had five grain machines on the road doing custom threshing for the farmers. In 1935, Dad let me run the 20 x 40 Rumely Oil Pull tractor and a 28 x 48 Advance Rumely Ideal grain separator.

I always liked to listen to the old 20 x 40 exhaust right after the sun set. The air would get cooler, and damp, and that old 20 x 40 seemed to pick up about 10 more horsepower, and that old Oil Pull would really talk back to you! At about the same time the grain bundles would start taking on moisture, the straw would get tougher and when you would walk up to the grain separator, the old grain cylinder would be singing a nice tone as the tough straw went through the machine.

Yes, I would like to just run that old 20 x 40 Oil Pull one more day, threshing grain!